Unlock the hidden secrets of Kødbyen

A puzzle walk through the former Meatpacking District - a creative hub full of galleries, cool restaurants and pulsating nightlife.

1,5 -  2 hours
1 km
495 DKK for 2-4 people
1,5 - 2 hours
1 km
495 DKK for 2-4 people

Wonderer’s Notebook

Imagine you found a notebook. Your curiosity doesn’t allow you to just return it. You want to know what is inside and who it belongs to. When you finally open it you realize that it was meant for you all along.

495 DKK
for 2-4 people
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More information about the walk
Set out on a journey around Kødbyen, the former Meatpacking District of Copenhagen.
Uncover the stories of this peculiar area in Vesterbro where butchers say their hello to drunks at 6 in the morning. Explore the place where the past is still present while the future is already gone.
Our puzzle walk will take you to the Meatpacking District; Kødbyen in Vesterbro. The Meatpacking District is a cultural melting pot with many quirky cafes, art galleries and design shops making it into one of the hippest parts of town.
495 DKK
for 2-4 persons
What is in the package?
You get everything you need to experience the mystery. This puzzle hunt is a self-guided treasure hunt with puzzles (like a kind of escape room in the city), where you receive all the material you need to follow the trail and discover the secrets of the Meat Packing Disctrict in Copenhagen.
A mysterious notebook with riddles and stories from Kødbyen
Introduction letter
A map of Kødbyen
A field guide with hints
Pick up and delivery
You can pick up the puzzle walk package at our pick up location. 

Address: Sønder Boulevard 53, 1720 Copenhagen V Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 07:00 – 01:00 

Pick up is free of charge. 

It is also possible to choose delivery by post.
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We want you to have a great time. If you are not happy with your puzzle walk, we will refund your payment even if you already started your experience. We offer the guarantee for up to 30 days after your purchase.
Customer experience
I'm cycling through the area that my girlfriend and me puzzle-walked every day and this wonderful adventure made me experience it in a completely new way. I can only recommend puzzle walking, no matter if you are a tourist or a local. Also super good production quality and the final twist came completely surprising!
Practical information

Where is it?

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A 2-3 hour immersive city-adventure, combining puzzle solving with local stories. Situated in the diverse and colourful part of Copenhagen. Lose yourself in the story of H. C. Andersen and many other extraordinary people as you solve puzzles and mysteries. Take a break and relax in the wonderful nature. Perfect for teams of 2-4 players (with business packages available for team building on request).
Institute of Wonder
Vesterbrogade 74, 3. sal
1620 København V
CVR: 40213058
Tel: +45 50 37 42 65

Hvor meget koster det?

Puzzle walket i Kødbyen koster 495 DKK og den i Assistens Kirkegård koster 595 DKK. Begge oplevelser anbefales til 2-4 spillere. Det betyder at du kan få oplevelsen fra 124 DKK pr. person.

Hvordan får jeg puzzle walk pakken?

Ved betaling kan du vælge lokal afhentning i Kihosk på Vesterbro eller levering pr. post.
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