Give memories,
not things

Surprise your close ones with an unforgettable experience -
an outdoor treasure hunt in Kødbyen, Assistens Cemetery
or Christiania.

The best gift

A puzzle walk is the perfect mix between discovery and play; an exciting mystery for friends, spouses or family.

Each package contains:
  • Notebook with a secret story
  • Map with mysterious trails of clues
  • Intriguing challenges
  • and an unforgettable urban adventure
    • Buy now, use later - no booking required
    • Fun outdoor experience for people with many interests - puzzles, games, history and local stories
    • Possibility to share quality time together without a smartphone
    • Perfect for a couple, family or a small group of friends
    • High quality materials and beautiful illustrations
    • Available for free pick-up, delivery by post or as a gift card

    Choose an experience

    I can only recommend it, we used it as a birthday gift :)
    I played this game with my flatmates and we were at Assistens Kirkegard. During the walk you not only get to solve great riddles, but also learn something about famous Danish personalities burried in Assistens Kirkegard. We had a fun time and could solve all the riddles without using any hints, which doesn't mean that it was to easy. It is a great mix of puzzles and we very much liked the end of the game.
    Institute of Wonder
    Vesterbrogade 74, 3. sal
    1620 København V
    CVR: 40213058
    Tel: +45 50 37 42 65

    Hvor meget koster det?

    Puzzle walket i Kødbyen koster 495 DKK og den i Assistens Kirkegård koster 595 DKK. Begge oplevelser anbefales til 2-4 spillere. Det betyder at du kan få oplevelsen fra 124 DKK pr. person.

    Hvordan får jeg puzzle walk pakken?

    Ved betaling kan du vælge lokal afhentning i Kihosk på Vesterbro eller levering pr. post.
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