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Strengthen your relationships

Play together, explore together, grow together.


Take the stimulation of puzzles, the fun of games, and the thrill of treasure hunts. Mix it with the chilled atmosphere of a good social event, the learning potential of a team building and the excitement of exploring new areas of the city. This is the formula for our team building puzzle walks.
How does it work?


We divide your team into groups that compete on who finishes the puzzle walk with the least amount of clues.

The final winners will be rewarded with glory and a special prize.

Fun for everybody

Our packages are designed for groups of all sizes.

We will find a way to offer challenges and entertainment to everyone, from the active sprinters to the brainy thinkers.

Better teamwork

The participants have to work together as a team in order to crack the codes and explore the surroundings. This experience fosters better communication among your co-workers and creates opportunities to tap into each other’s skills.
Our services

Facilitated event

A small event to decompress from the office life and brighten up the mood.
Group competition involving a 1,5 hour puzzle walk in Kødbyen

Special prize for the final winners (agreed with you beforehand)
Full on-site facilitation with smaller games and entertainment
1,5 Hours
400 DKK ex VAT per person


Our most simple teambuilding experience, designed for those who prefer to take care of the organization themselves.
1,5 or 2,5 hours puzzle walk without competition format

Choose between exploring the hip Kødbyen or discovering the mysteries of the tranquil Assistens Cemetery
Purchase the package online and experience it whenever you want,
1,5-2,5 Hours
from 99 DKK ex VAT per person
Customer experience
We, a group from Iceland, were in Copenhagen a few days for work and also wanted some time for teambuilding and fun. I found the puzzle walk online and chose the Assistens Cemetery to get some historical knowledge of Denmark at the same time. We divided into two groups for a little competition and its safe to say that everybody had so much fun and enjoyed this unique day in a cemetery. I can highly recommend the puzzle walk for a group of co-workers, friends, and family!
Arnar Oskarsson
Flying Tiger Copenhagen – Iceland
Institute of Wonder
Vesterbrogade 74, 3. sal
1620 København V
CVR: 40213058
Tel: +45 21 44 73 81

Hvor meget koster det?

Puzzle walket i Kødbyen koster 495 DKK og den i Assistens Kirkegård koster 595 DKK. Begge oplevelser anbefales til 2-4 spillere. Det betyder at du kan få oplevelsen fra 124 DKK pr. person.

Hvordan får jeg puzzle walk pakken?

Ved betaling kan du vælge lokal afhentning i Kihosk på Vesterbro eller levering pr. post.
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