We are taking great care to provide you with a safe and fun experience. See below how you can enjoy our puzzle walks even during corona times.
UPDATED: 09/12-2021

Practical Info

Our puzzle walks are outdoors and therefore you do not have to show a Coronapas. It is also up to you when you go on the trip, but here are some guidelines for a safe trip:
  • Go on the puzzle walk in a small group - spouse, family, or up to 4 close friends
  • Sanitise your hands, so you can share the contents of the packages safely with each other
  • All the puzzle walks are outdoors only - with plenty of space to keep distance
  • Remember to follow the public rules for gatherings
  • Have fun as we need it more than ever
Institute of Wonder
Vesterbrogade 74, 3. sal
1620 København V
CVR: 40213058
Tel: +45 50 37 42 65

Hvor meget koster det?

Puzzle walket i Kødbyen koster 495 DKK og den i Assistens Kirkegård koster 595 DKK. Begge oplevelser anbefales til 2-4 spillere. Det betyder at du kan få oplevelsen fra 124 DKK pr. person.

Hvordan får jeg puzzle walk pakken?

Ved betaling kan du vælge lokal afhentning i Kihosk på Vesterbro eller levering pr. post.
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